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 D-Day, Omaha Beach.

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D-Day, Omaha Beach. Empty
PostSubject: D-Day, Omaha Beach.   D-Day, Omaha Beach. EmptyFri Sep 17, 2010 10:26 pm

((This RP is meant to bring in my Non-SW rping person. Now if you don't know D-Day then google it, this isn't a history lesson. If you join then join as whatever you want. A tank driver, squad leader, gunner on a Higgins boat, anything.))

Chris Shadow was heading towards Omaha beach. The invasion was beginning. He was horribly seasick, ready to take his Colt and blow his own brains out. And worse of all he didn't buy the shit that the captain was saying.

"The airforce has taken out most of the bunkers and pillboxes. Just got to take those minefields and sea obstacles out for the tanks then storm the damn place."
The captain said.

The Higgins boat was full of 30 men. Most with mines, a M1, a Colt and whatever else they had to bring. However there was 10 men with B.A.Rs and 3 with flamethrowers. "Walking bombs" as Chris called them.

A man puked over him as the captain yelled,
"30 seconds!"

Chris put one quick pray in as he counted back.
"10 seconds!"
The captain yelled.

Suddenly the dreadful cry was made.

"Clear the ramp!"
The captain yelled as the ramp was dropped.

It took two seconds between the ramp hitting the water and the machine guns firing at the boat. The captain was first to go down hitting the water and sinking. Next was the 2nd LT.

Chris gave up on the ramp as ten more men fell. He jumped over the side landing in ten feet of water. He hit the bottom in a matter of seconds as another man landed next to him. Chris looked at him and nodded then grabbed him. They each inflated their Mae Wests and floated to the surface.

"No bunkers my fucking ass!"
Chris yelled over the gun fire.

"Fuck this brother. I'm not cut out for it!"
Frank laughed and began swimming to shore.

Chris and Frank both reached shore tired and wet. Chris took off his B.A.R. which helped the weight problem. Then him and Frank ran behind a destroyed tank.

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D-Day, Omaha Beach.
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