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Welcome to the SWURP. We hope you all enjoy roleplaying here and have fun, all new comers are welcome and please ask us when you need help with anything. Very Happy
CorSec Announcement- Recently CorSec Removed several important members of the Solar defense agency by force, and violence, while details are still classified because of the sensitivity of the matter, Eye witnesses say it was Theta Squad and a small group of mercenarys. Theta squad has become the unofficial face of CorSec, while they are a special operations and Black Ops Unit, Courtney Loket CorSec Journalist
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 John Fates: Criminal, Low Life, Scruffy looking, Nerf Herder /\/\ Argus Finn: Something else

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Argus Finn
Argus Finn

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PostSubject: John Fates: Criminal, Low Life, Scruffy looking, Nerf Herder // Argus Finn: Something else   Thu Aug 19, 2010 10:55 pm

John Fates is a man.... John Fates was a man. After killing many people in a single break in his sanity and becoming a highly wanted criminal on several planets, eventually being caught on Ruusan for walking into the local security enforcement naked as his birthday. He was taken to M'Bardi prison planet, home to thousands of criminals and the newly made Pitt. John fell right in with the bunch, working with a prison gang for a short time till he was enlisted in the Pitt. It was many years till he crawled out, but most of the prisoners there say he never really did. John Fates was believed to have died in the Pitt against a large wolf-like humanoid creature that could change its form into that of a human. And that creature was also killed in the process... but someone did crawl out in his place... something came from that miserable Pitt. It's name is Argus Finn.

Argus Finn had taken John Fates, and when the time came that a Hutt gangster payed his hefty bail, Argus would obey to stay from that prison planet once and for all. His first command of this Hutt was to watch the operations of the Magnum Crew and if they were a threat Argus was to destroy them with the help of Brucs, a Kaleesh Mercanary that went by the name of "The Vet".
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John Fates: Criminal, Low Life, Scruffy looking, Nerf Herder /\/\ Argus Finn: Something else
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