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Welcome to the SWURP. We hope you all enjoy roleplaying here and have fun, all new comers are welcome and please ask us when you need help with anything. Very Happy
CorSec Announcement- Recently CorSec Removed several important members of the Solar defense agency by force, and violence, while details are still classified because of the sensitivity of the matter, Eye witnesses say it was Theta Squad and a small group of mercenarys. Theta squad has become the unofficial face of CorSec, while they are a special operations and Black Ops Unit, Courtney Loket CorSec Journalist
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 Death, Soul and Shadow

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PostSubject: Death, Soul and Shadow   Death, Soul and Shadow EmptyMon Aug 16, 2010 11:23 am

((There will be three teams. I will lead Soul, i need someone to lead Death and Shadow. Together we will be a Company, apart we will each be a commander of a platoon (holding 36 men each platoon.). Each platoon was three squads of 12 men. A briefing will describe what has happened.))

Death, Soul and Shadow are the most elite Platoons available. Three days ago we gave them the assignment of taking over a airbase over run by Japs. In return they not only got control of the base but the entire island. 30 minutes ago we had radio contact with the commander of the Soul Platoon Nate Wite. 15 minutes ago we lost contact. We fear the Japs have launched a counter attack on them.


"Chris! Get those AA guns going!:
Nate ordered Chris the 2nd LT of Nate's Platoon.

Nate was stuck in a bunker that had been half destroyed. Zeros were flying overhead killing anything that moved. Nate still considered himself lucky though. There was no ground support for the Japs. And all too suddenly,

"Ground support! The Japs got ground support!!!"
A man yelled as he pulled out his M-1 grand. Suddenly a Zero saw him and fired it's duel machine guns tearing up the man.

"Jimmy! Take squadron Hunter to get out of here! Reach the extraction point and radio in coordinates for pickup!"
Nate ordered Jimmy, the Hunter squad LT.

Nate flipped his M-1 grand into his arms and took careful aim. Three Japs were setting up a MG emplant. The .50 cal gun would crush any chance of escape. Nate fired off eight rounds, or an entire clip he wasn't sure. three shots hit the gunner who was almost ready to fire. One in the head, one in the chest and one in the leg. He fell to the ground dead. Two hit the both the ammo loaders that were putting ammo into the .50 cal. The left loader was hit in the chest twice but the right loader got them both to the legs.

Nate muttered as he was forced to take out one of his few grenades. He threw it hitting the .50 cal and bouncing right into the loaders lap. The grenade went BOOM killing the loader but destroying the .50 cal.

Nate pulled out the short range headset used to connect the Platoon leaders.

"Death, Shadow! Get out of here now! I'll cover you as best as I can!"
Nate ordered.

((We are in a makeshift airbase. There are three bunkers for holding planes. Two are holding a Platoon, Death and Soul. One is completely destroyed. Shadow is held up at a command center. A forest surrounds us that can be used for cover from the Zeros.))
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Death, Soul and Shadow
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