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 8. Gladiators

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Nate Wite
Commanding officer
Commanding officer

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Location : Depends.......where are you?

Character sheet
Name: Nate Wite
Age: 324
Race: Wookiee

PostSubject: Re: 8. Gladiators   Thu Aug 26, 2010 11:28 am

((I will take this time to set up Thento looking for me.))

"God damn it Nate! How the hell do you leave me with all this!"
Thento yelled to himself. The droids around him looked at him and turned back to their jobs.

Thento was planning another invasion of a fat cat owned planet. This one would be the best raid yet. They would ask 500million credits for the planet returned safely.

"Droid! Get 509th Company ready for pre-invasion."
Thento ordered a droid comander.

"Take the Delta squad 343. Don't mess it up."
Thento added.

Thento then recived a transmission from Nate.

"Thento, code 40304H42a. Then code 777666KL8."
Nate said.

"Come in Nate, repeat transmission. Did you say code 777666KL8?"
Thento asked.

Nate's transmission went static as Thento fell to his knees.

Code 777666KL8 stood for certain death. Retreat from system. Operation failed. Thento sent out a transmission to the fleet.

"Mission failed. Retreat to Soul base."
Thento said.

He then ran down to the docking bay where he met up with Nate's battle dog Everest. Everest was ontop of Nate's privet transport the Gozanti Cruiser Eat 'em up. Thento entered with Everest. Then he set out for Nate's last known position, Naboo.
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Glan Vivan
Art Team Director
Art Team Director

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Location : Abord the TBK Chiss Guard

Character sheet
Name: Glan Vivan
Age: 21
Race: Chiss

PostSubject: Re: 8. Gladiators   Sun Aug 29, 2010 9:32 am

The hutt chuckled, "you will see." And his hologram faded out.
----time jump four hours----
Glan walked out in to the arena with his new armor and his wall shield and sword. the arena was now an desert the arena was also divided in half.

the out team must be on the other side He thought as he walked up a sand dune. On the other side there was a wreaked Gozanti Cruiser. what ever we are up against is in there.

Just an your normal Chiss with a sword and a scar.
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Duvnar Magnum
Site Staff
Site Staff

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Name: Gwazi Magnum
Age: 10
Race: Human

PostSubject: Re: 8. Gladiators   Sun Aug 29, 2010 9:50 am

Duvnar also walked out into the arena with his new sword out. He looked around the battlefield to see the other team and was ready for the battle ahead.

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Appan Parsu

Posts : 37
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Age : 44

Character sheet
Name: Appan Parsu
Age: 23
Race: Alderaanian

PostSubject: Re: 8. Gladiators   Sun Aug 29, 2010 3:33 pm

((OOC: I'm asuming that this holodessert has sunlight and heat.))

Appan followed the other two out onto the holo dessert plain, his new armour reflected the hot holo sunlight. His original sword attached at the belt, tucked into his boots was the newly aquired daggers one in each of boot. The sand made it hard to walk as did the heat, as it allowed his feet to sink and slide with every step. Up in front a derelict Gozanti Cruiser sat, Appan scanned the area with his eyes looking for the other team, but could not see anything.

"Are they trying to kill us before we fight!"
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Nate Wite
Commanding officer
Commanding officer

Posts : 376
Join date : 2010-07-21
Location : Depends.......where are you?

Character sheet
Name: Nate Wite
Age: 324
Race: Wookiee

PostSubject: Re: 8. Gladiators   Sun Aug 29, 2010 9:25 pm

Nate looked into the sunlight with glee. It was nice to feel the heat. Nate took out his saber and did a few practice swings with it. The balance was nice and Nate enjoyed having a good weapon.

Nate reached a hill and climbed it. He could see a Gozanti half buried in the sand.

Would be funny if that was Eat 'em up.
Nate thought to himself and a smile came to his lips.

Nate started to head toward the Gozanti
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PostSubject: Re: 8. Gladiators   

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8. Gladiators
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