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Welcome to the SWURP. We hope you all enjoy roleplaying here and have fun, all new comers are welcome and please ask us when you need help with anything. Very Happy
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 RPG Rules

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Duvnar Magnum
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PostSubject: RPG Rules   Tue Jul 20, 2010 1:39 am

1. IC/OOC Seperation
IC means In Character and OOC Means Out of Character. In Character is where you Role Play and act like your character. Out of Character is where you talk not roleplaying. Don't abuse OOC. Use it for only making a note on something such as someone missed something or your confused or something. Now you must learn how to seperate this. For IC you type like I am now but OOC You must do this (OOC: ) around it. For example.

Duvnar Magnum: Duvnar and Jimmy Rogers are in a firefight. Duvnar fire's his blaster at Jimmy 2 feet away.

Jimmy Rogers: He see's the blaster bolt and dodge's right away.
(OOC: Take that!)

Duvnar Magnum: (OOC: Dude that was God Modding. I was two feet away)

That would be how you do it. Only without the names I added at the side to show who was talking. But Godmodding will be explained later.

2. Be Appropiate

Now even if not much some little Kid's will probably want to role play, theirs someone who parent's are control freaks, someone who takes their religion very strongly.

Example: A Christian saying they cannot watch Harry Potter because it is a sin for them.

Regardless some people won't like or even know about inapropiate stuff like Porn so keep it to a minamum or better yet none at all. But stuff such as Romance Themes are completely fine. As long as you keep in mind it has to be appropiate. Restrictions on stuff like this will be lightened if we can confirm everyones age to be old enough to handle such things.

3. God Modding

This is baiscally doing something that is beyond your characters abilites or making your character to strong. For example you play as a soldier but you gun down a whole squad of men of the same ability in one post, another example is making your character something like Jedi Master who has mastered the force and several lightsaber forms.

Some of you may of came here though with the promise that things like what your character can do will be less restricted than on combine, which we did not lie about but we still must restrict it at a reasonable point for two reasons.

-To keep the RPGs enjoyable for all players
-We have learn from experience that when players gain to much power it destroys the RPG and the site becomes inactive.

It is for these reasons we try to give people more diversity and control they had before but not enough that it could chance ending the site.

4. Items/NPC's

Some Role Players will claim you can only use what your character has in combine. This is not true. Using stuff like thermal detonators, Rifles, swords and such are fine. But their has been many issues concerning that you can't have any NPC friends or enemy's unless if you buy it on combine. Also false. Without NPC's the story is barely as exciting. By all means make a couple NPC's to travel with and some to battle. Even if they are Jedi it does not break the rules here. If you have an army of 200 though please don't abuse it. If you use that to win everytime it will be considerd God Modding. But someone can't usually have that many with them anyways unless if the RPG owner agrees upon it. But in big battles calling in a capital ship for help is completely fine. If you call a specific name of the ship and it exist in combine than your not allowed but any plain Capital ship will be fine. Since it is a made up NPC to take part in RPG's but this also will requrie the Narrators permission unless if your are facing impossible odds. But also remember that even if facing impossible odds you cannot call in extra help if you are in a situation where you cannot without god modding.

5. One Line Posting

Not as serious as the rest. OOC one line posts is acceptable unless if your doing it just to earn post or tease someone etc... But IC One Line Posting is fine to, alot of the times their just isn't room for detailed long post or your just to busy to do one right now. But in some conditions one line posting will not be accepted. If you are in a battle, a conversation or anything that detail could be put in you are expected to make the post at least 2 to 3 lines long. Now that can be hard for some people so try adding more detail to your actions.

Now instead of this

Duvnar Takes his Pistol out and Stun's Helix

Try this

Duvnar quickly reaches in his pocket to grab his stun pistol and aims it at Helix's Head. He Pulls the tirgger and Helix falls on the floor stunned.

Now that would be fine for more detail. Some Pro's will recomend something like this though.

Duvnar slowly reaches into his taterd pocket, he pull's out his pistol as his cold sweaty hands grip the burning hot and rought handle of the pistol...

And I'll stop their. That kind of detail although sometimes interesting is most of the time overkill. With to much not many people will have the time to read everything plus it just make's it boring. Expecialy don't add that much detail if theirs alot going on or you could end up with a page long boring old post no one will bother reading.

It is worth noting however that a fair number of people including myself like detailed posts like that at times and if the majority of the site if not all the site likes so types of posts there will be no problem making so types of posts common. But in the case we have members who do not like or cannot handle such long post we Mods will step in to insure that all players can enjoy the RPG. But if it's a case of someone just not being good as roleplaying we will offer training to those who need it.

6. One Post will fix everything

Now alot of the time people tend to cover a whole fight in one post. If you are the only player in it and the rest are NPC's than it would be fine but most of the time it is recomended you don't cover everything in one post. For one thing if their's other players in the fight you would have to control them to end it in one post which also falls under God Modding. If your the only player though than still don't since other players may want to join in. But if no one else is nearby and can't reach it in time than by all means finish it all in one post. No one else can but in without god modding anyways.

7. The Higher Voice

Now usually the RPG Owner (Other than the Moderators) has the biggest say in the RPG. Expecialy if it was made to obchieve a certain task from rescueing a NPC to getting married on a mountain top. But if they don't have a goal to aim for in the RPG it is very common their Voice won't be as powerful but still the most powerful if they are active in it. If they are not active in it even if they have a goal planned their voice will mean little, it will just be expected of the others players to make that goal happen. The Moderators however oversee's everything that happens and make sure everything is fair.

8. Stay Positive and Fair

If you have a complaint of something do not carry it on in RPG's. Message the Moderators and we will take care of it. But also don't have any fits. Anyone throwing a fit over nothing will be warned. If it happens again they will be banned. If they are having a fit because someone is clearly breaking rules or something the one with the fit will not be punished do to the fact it would a natural human reaction to the situation.

9. Order of RPG's

This is a common mistake many people can make. Mostly the Newcomers. They have trouble finding out the order of RPG's. Such as which event happend first. The two main reasons they would want to know this is to reconize people from other RPG's and work on their In Character Histroy. Now their is a simple solution to this. It is decided by when it is posted, the day and year it starts star wars timewise. Which ever starts first happens before hand, but don't worry, the Moderators will make sure there is a realistic amount of time seperating the RPGs. But also be aware many people on here will recall others at the start and speak of many adventures. The reason for this is because we have done many RPG's on Combine before we made this. So since we are using the same characters the RPG's between the two are related.

10. Have Fun

The last Rule is to enjoy RPG's since that is the whole point correct?
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RPG Rules
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